Weeknotes – S03E43 – The Podcast is Live!


Some good progress on my novella project, but then the rest of the week was eaten by the podcast again. However, now that’s live and on a regular posting schedule, I should have more time (hopefully) to dedicate to other projects.



I planned my day to maximise my writing output, heading out to a cafe first thing to put in 2.5 hours of concerted effort before an appointment at the doctor. This fulfilled almost all of my criteria for a successful writing session – out of the flat, with a decent walk either side and an appointment that would keep me from giving up early.

And it worked. I faffed around on the internet for a bit, then wrote a whole raft of reviews, before knuckling down to work on Beneath The Tree. Using the Six Month Novel Programme boot camp materials, I made lots of notes on the characters and had an epiphany about how the story should end, which in turn gave me a basic outline for the whole thing. Huzzah! Still have to actually write it, though – but my path is looking a lot clearer now.

Then I took a break and typed up all the outstanding notes from my current notebook.



I wrote my script for the next podcast episode.



I wrote a couple of reviews.



I started off with one of my least favourite writing activities – formatting and submitting. I cleared my list, submitting seven pieces to various places.

I wrote my script for the next interim podcast episode.



I edited the podcast episode we recorded yesterday and helped Dave with all the remaining bits and pieces to make the podcast live.


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