Weeknotes – S08E10 – Why Don’t I Want to Write My Novel?


I started this week’s work with a paid sample edit of a short story for a potential new client, which was fun. Then I worked on both the teen life skills book and the Revision Club novel, so a great range of projects – I love my job!

The afternoon, however, was a different story. I had promised my Revision Club buddies that I would start the rewrite of my fifth novel, A Darkness Divided, by the time our next session came around – and today was my last chance to make good on that promise.

But I was fully in ‘why am I doing this difficult thing that takes so much effort and energy and nobody is ever going to read’ mode, which made starting a struggle. Luckily, Charlie from Urban Writers Retreat turned up on the focus call and gave me a pep talk – so I spent the first half of the session working on the opening two scenes.

I added worldbuilding and some description, but I’m not sure I really achieved everything I was intending for the rewrite. But at least it was a start.

I also reviewed and commented on a resource by one of my business mastermind group members, as well as an extract for tomorrow’s Revision Club session. And I did some revision for the CIEP editing test, as well as writing Stanley’s blog post and Instagram video scripts for April.

So, despite general malaise and lack of motivation, it was a very productive day.



The malaise at least doesn’t affect my paid work, which is good! I finished editing the life skills book this morning and made good progress with the developmental edits on my friend’s novel.

I also did some more copy editing on the other Revision Club manuscript I’m working on periodically.

I did manage to work on Darkness a bit after lunch, during the Revision Club focus session (still without any real enthusiasm), then wrote a review of a book I finished, and did some more prep for the CIEP editing test.



This is usually my day off, but I had a very editing-adjacent day.

I went into town early for a meeting with the daytime CIEP local London group – and it was very enjoyable. I met lovely people, had interesting discussions and offered what I hope was good advice in areas where I felt I could. I shall look forward to developing those relationships at future meetings.

In the afternoon, I attended a fair amount of the Women in Publishing Summit online – the highlight of which was definitely the networking session, at which I met several other authors and editors I’d like to connect more with.



I finished reading and editing both the Revision Club novel and the latest extract from the other Revision Club writer – so it was a very enjoyable work day!

I also messaged four of the people I met at yesterday’s networking session, leading to a video call being arranged with one of them to discuss her book next week.

I also provided a bit more feedback on the short story I edited on Monday, at the request of the client.

Later, I wrote a review of a graphic novel I finished, and also revised and submitted the tea dragon story, after receiving Amie’s feedback.



I posted Stanley’s latest blog and sent out his newsletter.

Then I revised for the CIEP editing test by going through the syllabus in detail, making notes and ensuring I had all the relevant materials to hand – and then I tried to take my first attempt! But, apparently the CIEP doesn’t believe in automation – because once you apply to take the test “our office staff will send you an email with a link and, depending on their availability, this may take up to two days…” Which was disappointing…

I guess I’ll just have to revise again next week…


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