Weeknotes – S08E11 – New Projects Derailed By Illness


This week’s work and writing both got derailed by a bad cold – but it just made me really grateful that I have such flexibility in my schedule, so I could take a few days off without it causing any problems.



New week, new client projects!

I started editing dialogue for a new mobile romance game for the client I worked with last year, which was a lot of fun.

I also did a paid sample edit of a book about mindset for a potential new client, who wanted me to combine all the different types of editing into one sample, which was a bit of a challenge.

After lunch, I wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month.



Another new client project today – a bit of a departure for my prison memoir client, who sent me a 90k-word guide to BDSM!

I also finished editing the mobile game dialogue. I’d really like more of that!

I negotiated new scheduling and deadline terms with my blog client, so we could continue working together, and also won the rest of the mindset book project, as the client was very happy with my extended sample!

After lunch, it was Revision Club, so I got the chance to whinge to my fellow writers about my lack of enthusiasm for revising my fifth novel, A Darkness Divided. But Sam and Carla gave me an excellent pep talk and I committed to at least editing a paragraph on all four of my ‘work’ days each week, as the smallest possible, achievable goal, just to keep me progressing. So, I opened up the document in the second half of the session and pressed on…

I did a whole scene and I think it went quite well – so that was progress, at least!



I had a lot of work and other stuff planned for today and tomorrow, but I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to move things around to take some time off.

I did do a sample edit for a potential new client and also worked on the next short text for my blog client.

But after that, I punted all the work and other projects to next week and let my focus buddies know I wouldn’t be around for a session this afternoon.

I love the flexibility of freelancing!

Later, I read Chapter 6 of the Networking for Freelance Editors book, in preparation for the final book group session, which I decided I didn’t want to miss. And I also wrote a review of a book I finished the night before.

The networking session was mostly a presentation by an SEO expert, which turned out to be unexpectedly really useful, with a lot of ideas for quick wins of website updates and ongoing SEO-conscious posting.



Today, I watched the replay of one of the presentations from last week’s Women in Publishing Summit, about newsletters. I had promised one of my business mastermind groups I would report back on this one, so I wrote some notes to pass along to them.

I also had my final mentoring session, which was excellent, as always. It’s a shame this won’t be continuing as they’ve been so great – but then we were also running out of things to discuss a bit, so perhaps the timing is right.



I heard from one of my earliest novel clients, with a request for a final copy edit of his novel (which I’ve provided developmental feedback for twice already), which was an exciting and welcome development.

I also completed a lengthy form, applying for feedback on either of my most recent novels from a book coach in training.

I finally got around to editing the latest episode of the podcast, which was handy, since it was due to be uploaded today…

I also caught up on some of the marketing webinars from the various summits that have been happening recently and made notes.

Later, I finished my current audiobook and wrote my review.


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