Weeknotes – S02E43 – A Change Is As Good As A Rest?


The fiction crew are still on shore leave, it seems, but the non-fiction crew are picking up the slack.



I met Ann at Good and Proper for our second writing date without Baby R since he was born.

I started with of a review of the film I’d seen the day before, then went on to do some moving around of information, reading of writing resources and typing up of notes.

I tried to get into the right frame of mind for continuing with either Colours or the short story I want to finally write (hereafter referred to as Ritual) but I just couldn’t do it. I reread the notes for both again, to keep them ticking over in my head.

Then I went back to reading Word Painting.



I wrote a review of the play we went to see the night before.



I wrote a review of a book that arrived in the post the day before.



I tracked my current submissions, figured out new places to send pieces that were unassigned, and went through Writing Magazine to identify upcoming submission opportunities. I also discovered that I had been chosen as the Star Letter in Writing Magazine this month, which was a nice surprise on my birthday!



I came up with a new idea for an Etre article, based on feedback from my editor on the other pieces I submitted. So I wrote some notes.

I also got an anthology acceptance for a short piece I love but which has been rejected multiple times, so that was very gratifying, especially as it turned out I had accidentally not followed the submission guidelines!


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