Weeknotes – S02E42 – From No Days to All The Days!


After nothing at all last week, I worked on writing projects to at least some degree every day this week. Not much progress on the fiction front, but lots of nonfiction stuff, some cogitation on fiction stuff, and plenty of sending my darlings out into the world to be judged.



Last day of holiday before going back to work, so I had a relaxing morning, then headed to Picturehouse Central for the afternoon.

I typed up all my notes from Writing the Other, and did at tarot reading for a short story whose deadline was fast approaching. I then went through my current notebook and typed up all the remaining notes.



I wrote a review.



I met up with Hannah after work and went through my notes on Colours, trying to get it back in my head and make a start on a potential plan for moving forwards with it.



With the whole day ahead of me, I took myself off to Good and Proper for the first time in months to try and focus on getting some writing done.

I started simple with this month’s GYWO discussion post (about plot vs character driven stories) and a blog post about writing characters who are different from you.

There wasn’t anything imminent on the rolling submissions spreadsheet, so I decided to go back to the notes for a short story I first came up with some years ago but had never actually got round to writing. I read through everything, reminded myself of the idea and thought about how approach writing it.

I also read some of Word Painting and made notes.

In the evening, I went to Write and a Pint, a two-hour workshop which involved a series of writing exercises designed to create the idea for a new story, draft about 1000 words and plan out the rest. It was really good fun. I’m not sure I’m going to pursue the story I came up with, but it was good to get some words on the page.



I wrote a review about yesterday’s movie going experience.



I wrote a review of the previous night’s gig.



I reviewed my most recent audiobook.

I helped Bear post the second in his Moroccan series.

I did a whole load of submissions for competitions and publication opportunities.


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