Weeknotes – S08E04 – Sprint and Rest


Strong start to the week, with both paid editing work and my own projects – I front-loaded everything so I could have some time off in the second half, which was nice.



Busy, busy day today…

I spent the morning on my two current client novels – a queer drama and a recent-past drama.

In the afternoon, my group of wonderful focus buddies kept me on track starting the feedback-exchange review of one of the Revision Club writers’ novels, and finally getting started on my first CIEP training course. This was the basic proofreading course, which turned out to be quite challenging!

Later, I travelled a bit south to attend the monthly meeting of the local CIEP London group for the first time. This was not really what I expected in a lot of ways, and didn’t feel like something I wanted to attend regularly – though all the other members confirmed that reaching Professional level in the institution would be a very useful thing to do, in terms of getting more and better editing work in the long run.



Another very productive day, though I’m not remotely sticking to my intention of sitting at my desk rather than on the sofa…

In the morning, I completed the penultimate sections of both client novels, which felt satisfying. The end is in sight!

After lunch, it was Revision Club, which was awesome, as ever. During one of the conversations, I had a revelation about a possible complete about-face for the ending of my fifth novel, Dividing the Darkness, so I made some notes about that.

I used the focus session to complete my comments on the Revision Club writer’s novel opening and sent it back to her.

Later, I worked on putting more notes for Darkness into my revision plan and also did a couple of submissions.

Later still, I finished an audiobook and wrote my review.



Wednesday is usually my day off, but I scheduled work and other stuff because I needed to have Thursday and Friday off instead! So, I also scheduled a focus session in the morning my now-regular, very awesome focus buddies, to keep me on track.

I finished the recent-past drama novel and sent it back to my new publisher client for review and approval, very much hoping to get more work from them in the near future. But, because I spent ages putting it through a newly discovered and extremely useful consistency checker, it took up all my allocated work time for the day, so I didn’t get to finish my other client project as well.



Although I was due to take today off, I did do some work on my monthly blog and newsletter, setting everything up to send out the next day.



I did a small amount of work for my blog client.

I also had my first proper mentoring call with my official editing mentor – and it was great! We brainstormed ideas of where I could look for more work and get myself noticed as an editor more – and there is apparently a ton of stuff I can do. It feels like a lot to get my head (and wallet) round at the moment – but there are some small things I can do right away that will get me started, and I can easily organise the notes into more manageable steps.

Now, I’m almost glad I don’t have any work lined up for next week, since I have so much other stuff to do to work on my business and my own writing – but only almost!

Later, I wrote reviews of a play and a book.



I spent quite some time reading today, finished an excellent book, and wrote my review.


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