Weeknotes – S02E40 – Still Ticking Along


Some good progress and a couple of decent sessions, with lots of planning. So, everything still ticking over.



I formatted and sent over four different pieces for the first Etre prompt. They’re looking for short stories, non-fiction essays, poetry and short lyrical pieces, so I sent one of each to see what kind of feedback I get. Teacher’s pet, me? Have we met?



I managed to meet Hannah after work for a now quite rare writing session. I started off by looking through my submissions spreadsheet and working out what I particularly wanted to work on over the next few months. I sometimes feel as if I don’t allow myself enough time to write submission pieces, so I’m trying to look further ahead and start work on ones that have a later deadline, rather than trying to cram in as many as possible.

I made a random start to a random story, with absolutely no idea where it was headed, which was what I always used to do with my writing. But I’ve got better at planning in recent years, so this approach is now quite unusual.

I then brainstormed some ideas for a few things, with a plan to develop them further tomorrow.



After agreeing with Geena that we wouldn’t meet up today, we ran into each other at Picturehouse Central, which shouldn’t have been a surprise.

I wrote and submitted an entry for this week’s Hour of Writes prompt, and then did a 250 word flash fiction for a competition.

Then I gave up on active creativity and started reading Word Painting, a book that’s been on my shelf for ages, but I thought might be a good thing to look at for upcoming Etre prompts.


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