Weeknotes – S02E39 – A Whole New Story!


All I needed were a couple of decent stretches of scheduled writing time and look at all the things I achieved!



I went to a Write For Your Life session after work, which was fun. I think I prefer the more creative side of No Grammar Required, but I’ll happily go to this version instead if it’s what’s available.



I made a few notes for a story.



I headed to Picturehouse Central mid-morning and settled in the cafe for a bit to work on reviews and start on my new story. I typed up my first two pieces for the first Etre prompt, ready to send to my editor.

I read some more of Writing the Other over lunch, then went back to my new story. I finished a first draft, which was hugely pleasing since the deadline for submission is Sunday. It was also very satisfying to complete something new, as I haven’t manage to do that for a few weeks, other than very short pieces.

I finished up by doing some research and a tarot reading for more possible pieces for the first Etre prompt.



I finished reading Writing the Other, which is an excellent book and highly recommended to all writers.



I helped Bear post the second half of his account of our Scottish Highlands trip, and did some sorting out of my writing projects.



Back to Picturehouse Central with Geena for a free screening, followed by a writing session in the members’ bar – I love everything about this place!

First of all I edited the new story (based on comments from Dave and my dad).

I caught up on some reviews, then made a first stab at a non-fiction essay in response to the first Etre prompt.

I submitted a few stories whose deadlines were today.


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