Weeknotes – S02E33 – Losing Commas



So many commas deleted, plus more improvements made to the novel. Lots of good sessions this week. It feels like I’m making progress.




First full writing day for a while. It took me some time to get settled and focused, then I tackled another Artisan chapter before Ann joined me.


I wrote up reviews of the new games I played at Handycon over the weekend, then went back to do another chapter of Artisan.


To get my more actively creative juices flowing, I worked on a prose poem for an upcoming submission deadline and edited another one down to the required length.


Then it was back to Artisan for another chapter.


I read a bit of Bird by Bird, then took a stab at a blog post, using the notes I made on the article Dave sent me.


To finish up my uber writing day, I went to No Grammar Required and had lots of fun freewriting with Claire and Rachel.




I trekked to Vauxhall to meet Hannah after work and managed another two Artisan chapters before she arrived. I spotted some continuity errors as well as identifying extraneous commas, which was very useful.


Then I went through Dave’s comments on the proposed blog post and made some edits.




After a long week at work, I took myself off to a cafe to work more on Artisan, completing my scheduled two chapters before finally heading home.




I posted my response to the article.


I also helped Bear with his account of Handycon last weekend.


Then I submitted some stories to various places for possible publication.




First Urban Writing Retreat day for a while, and lots to do.


I didn’t do any Artisan editing yesterday so I started there and decided to do blocks of two chapters.


After the first block, I caught up on my reviews.


I did two more Artisan chapters, then noodled around the internet for a bit to find a new place to submit flash fiction.


Then I went back to Celestial Intern and finally got around to looking at the Scribophile feedback. I made the relevant changes to get it ready for submission.


Back to Artisan for another two chapters, then I took a break and read Bird by Bird for a bit.


Then I did one last Artisan chapter, to bring me up to date with my planned schedule to get it all finished by the end of August.

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