Weeknotes – S07E34 – Chilling is Allowed


Some good progress made this week, both in terms of paid work and my own projects – but I also took some time just to chill, which was nice.



I spent the morning on paid client work – website stuff, prison memoir, paranormal detective novel.

In the afternoon, I did some more reading for Wizard.

Later, the comments on Darkness came through from my editor, Amie, so I went through them and sent back a few questions.



I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated this morning, but I still managed to edit a bit more of the prison memoir and a bit more of the paranormal detective novel – both of which I was really enjoying!

Later, I went through Amie’s answers to my questions about Darkness.

Later still, I had a bit of a meltdown over a misunderstanding with a paid editing client, which would result in me having to re-do work already completed.



I redid the editing on the tax books and the client offered to add some extra money onto my fee.

I also did some more reading and some more notes for Wizard – as well as coming up with a much better title (which still contains ‘Wizard’ so my nickname is still valid!).

Later, I finished a book and wrote my review.



Wizard wasn’t on the list for today – but the subconscious crew had some more awesome ideas overnight so I added more to my notes.

I worked on my two paid client projects in the morning – editing the prison memoir and the paranormal detective novel.



I went to the cafe for the first time in a while and powered through the rest of the edits on the prison memoir, so I could send it back to the publisher by the weekend.

I was going to stay for the afternoon and work on my own stuff, but I didn’t feel like it, so I decided I would try and focus on that over the weekend.



And then I didn’t really sleep so Saturday ended up being a total wash – which is fine!

But I did make really good (if a little burnt around the edges) sugar-free banana bread for the first time!



I managed to dredge up some motivation from somewhere and edited the latest podcast episode.

I also attended the regular writing focus session with Claire P and the gang in the evening, which I used to write the next batch of scripts for Stanley’s social media content. This felt great, as I was getting a bit behind.


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