Weeknotes – S02E23 – Editing Complete!



It feels as though things are moving forwards. Only a few days until Winchester Writers’ Festival, and Artisan is ready to go!




I finished a very interesting book and wrote a review of it.


I also went through Writing Magazine and added new submission opportunities to my rolling spreadsheet, and then identified new places to send some of my unassigned stories.




After reading an article in Writing Magazine about not giving up on rejected work, I unearthed another couple of old pieces and identified places to submit them.




More Artisan editing today – it seems like it will never end!




And the Artisan editing is done! Wow – now I just have to wait for the agent feedback at Winchester and then decisions will have to be made…




After wrestling with the pitch for Artisan all week, I came up with some half-decent wording in the shower this morning:


“In a world where people’s lives are dictated by magic, Abelard Abernathy accidentally gains magical powers and discovers a centuries-old conspiracy at the heart of society. But is he prepared to give up everything he’s always wanted, to change the world for the better?”




I met George Mann at a reading retreat and talked to him about his road to publication, strategies for keeping focused, and training the subconscious crew.


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