Weeknotes – S06E50 – Push For Year End


I feel like this week went really well – I completed two whole client projects from start to finish and also started submitting my nonfiction book to agents, as well as keeping on top of podcast obligations.



I started two new paid editing projects today – a book about sustainable parenting and a memoir about OCD.

I also wrote two reviews – one of a film and one of a book.



The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination offered me ‘7 of Poetry: Boldness’ today, which said I should stick to my guns regarding my creative integrity, even in the face of criticism. Which was interesting, since I was planning to go through the two sets of feedback on the Legacy query package and update my agent letter…

First, though, I did some more editing on the parenting book, the OCD memoir and the next in the series of reflective novellas, as my paid work for the day.

Then I went to my query package feedback and considered it all carefully, making amendments to the letter only where I felt I strongly agreed with the comments.

I also made a list of some agents for submitting Meditations. Several of the agencies I looked at would be suitable for Legacy too (or instead) so I added them to my list of next submissions for that as well.



I started editing the most recent podcast episode.



I finished editing the OCD memoir and the sustainable parenting book, leaving me with just the reflective novella to complete before Christmas, and I did a section of that today too.

After lunch, I wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month.

Then I started submitting Meditations to agents – eeek!



I finished an audiobook and wrote my review.



I attended Claire P’s last Write For Your Life Plus workshop of the year, which was fun and illuminating, as always.

I also finished editing the latest episode of the podcast – and then we recorded the next one!


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