Weeknotes – S06E43 – Taking It Easy


I took quite a bit of time off this week – and went back to not working on the novel… Ah, well!



Bit of a late start today, but I managed to make very good progress with what was left of the morning.

I did developmental editing on the next sections of the cult memoir and the historical novel, and I also wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month.

After lunch, I went back to editing the predators book, and then decided to call it a day.



I had a busy morning of other stuff going on, so I didn’t settle down to work until 13:30. I was on hold with the bank, so I started with a review of Gullstruck Island by Frances Hardinge, which I stayed up late to finish the night before.

Then I went back to reading the cult memoir and making developmental feedback notes.

I also edited a short story for a previous client who had come back to me with a request for more editing.



Today, I finished my developmental edit of the cult memoir and sent my report and comments back to the author – it was great to see such a transformation from the original version of the book that I worked on earlier in the year.

I also edited a book synopsis for a previous client.

Later, I did a comprehensive proof of a short story of mine that was due to be published shortly.

I also finished an audiobook – Riven by Sever Bronny – and wrote my review. I also wrote a review of a book I’d been reading and decided to give up on.


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