The Subconscious Crew

Have you ever experienced that wondrous moment when you’re focusing on a manual task, like doing the washing up or taking a shower, and an amazing idea comes to you as if from nowhere? Would you like to be able to control when this happens and what the idea is about?   Well, according to […]

Presupposition of Success

Do you ever find that you have a long to-do list of things to complete throughout your day, but you can’t find the motivation to get them done?   I think we’ve all been in this position – where, perhaps there’s no urgent external deadline for things and we find it hard to keep ourselves […]

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Everything happens for a reason. Always look on the bright side. Find the silver lining. Turn that frown upside down. Be grateful for what you have, because there’s always someone worse off than you.   I’m sure all these phrases are very familiar. And, as a generally positive bear, who loves to spread joy and […]

Not My Banana

Over the last year, my human, Annie, has been dealing with a lot of uncertainty. Her husband, Dave, was suffering from a health issue that resulted in intermittent attacks of severe pain, but his surgery date kept getting pushed back.   Annie felt helpless, unable to do anything to help, but also experiencing a high […]

Radio Silence

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly being bombarded by information and you find it difficult to relax and hear your own voice amidst all the noise?   Today’s human world is full of fantastic ways to entertain and distract ourselves, no matter where we are or what we’re doing – streaming TV, podcasts, audiobooks, […]