Ego-Dystonic Thoughts

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re minding your own business and suddenly your brain presents you with a horrible image of something terrible happening? Or even of you actually doing something terrible to yourself or someone else? Well, don’t worry – because you’re not alone – and it doesn’t mean you’re […]

Setting the Smallest Goal

Do you ever find that you set your expectations on yourself too high? The humans I know always seem to be so busy, always trying to get so much done in the shortest possible time. But that just makes them feel overwhelmed by their to-do list and then they feel like failures when they don’t […]

Releasing Expectations

  Do you ever find yourself imagining what a particular future event or gathering or outing will be like? I expect everyone does! And finding joy in anticipating the future is a lovely way to add happiness to your daily life. But sometimes, putting expectations on things can cause problems.   My humans have often […]

Nothing Much Happens

  Today’s blog is a bit of a departure, since it’s a recommendation of a podcast my human, Annie, has been getting huge benefits from recently (they’re not sponsoring this in any way – we just love it!).   Do you ever have trouble getting to sleep, or wake up in the middle of the […]

Listening Rather Than Fixing

Do you ever get annoyed when you complain about something to a friend and they immediately jump in with a solution to the problem? You might think offering advice to someone who is struggling with something would always be the right thing – but sometimes it’s best just to listen instead.   I’m sure you’ve […]

The Hermeneutics of Generosity

A while ago, Annie and I were introduced to an interesting and helpful concept – the Hermeneutics of Generosity. It was in a YouTube video by author, John Green, quoting Dr Paul Farmer, the co-founder of Partners in Health. It’s a great way of circumventing those occasions when you might otherwise get annoyed by people […]

Positive Choice

From my observations of human behaviour, I’ve noticed a lot of people struggle with resentment in their lives. Is this something that resonates with you? Do you spend a lot of time getting irritated by things you feel obligated to spend your time on? Well, perhaps there’s a way you can let go of that… […]

The Subconscious Crew

Have you ever experienced that wondrous moment when you’re focusing on a manual task, like doing the washing up or taking a shower, and an amazing idea comes to you as if from nowhere? Would you like to be able to control when this happens and what the idea is about?   Well, according to […]

Presupposition of Success

Do you ever find that you have a long to-do list of things to complete throughout your day, but you can’t find the motivation to get them done?   I think we’ve all been in this position – where, perhaps there’s no urgent external deadline for things and we find it hard to keep ourselves […]