Motivational Misdirection

Brains are so weird…   I’ve spent months trying to ‘get back into a proper routine’ and get my fifth novel back on my list to work on. I’ve made so many plans to go to the cafe and ‘really focus’, to alternate client and personal projects in my schedule, to keep working on stuff […]

Baby Steps

A couple of months ago, I edited a book for a client about being productive and achieving your goals if you struggle with ADHD. One of the items in the book was a list of habit tracking apps – I had a look through and was attracted by Habitica, which has an RPG theme. You […]

Struggling For Routine

The fact that I haven’t written a non-Weeknotes blog entry in nearly seven weeks perfectly encapsulates the theme of this one – struggling to get back into a routine.   I don’t think I’ve managed what I would consider my ‘proper’ routine since before my last writing retreat at the start of June. I keep […]

Post-Covid Fatigue

When I went on retreat at the start of June, I was fresh from completing the latest draft of novel number three, and I had two fantastic new book ideas I was really looking forward to working on while I was away. That retreat week was phenomenal – I constructed a full chapter outline for […]

Back on Retreat

I first attended a residential retreat in Devon with Urban Writers’ Retreat in January 2017. Since then, up until January 2020, I went on retreat with Charlie two or three times a year.   Then, of course, retreats weren’t possible for a couple of years – but now I’m back! This is day six of […]

Attitude to Novels

I’ve had some interesting conversations with various people recently, about my attitude to my writing.   I now have what one might call a ‘standard process’ for approaching my novels – and it’s still astounding to me that I’m in a position where there are enough of them for that to be the case.   […]

Staying Connected

Writing can be a very solitary activity at times, especially in these days of staying at home and avoiding contact with other people.   But it’s important to remember that pursuing wider experiences will always inform and inspire your writing. Plus, connecting with other writers (and humans) is a joyful thing, which can bring much […]

Making Friends

Recently, I had a meditation class, where the teacher talked about the importance of self-compassion, as part of a series on Cultivating Inner Friendship. During the discussion, I mentioned how difficult I found it to walk the path between self-care and productivity. I said that I understood the importance of accepting the situation with kindness, […]

Very Small Fish

I’ve been frequenting my favourite local cafe a couple of times a week since I went fully freelance in August, and I’m starting to feel really at home there.   In previous years, I’ve always preferred being anonymous in cafes. At one time, I would stop off at a particular Starbucks regularly on the way […]

Unexpected new career!

“Are you still doing editing on the side?”   Eight little words on WhatsApp, from a writer friend of mine, was all it took.   We’d been exchanging short stories and novel manuscripts for feedback for years, ever since we both finished the first draft of our first novel on an Arvon course, back in […]