Weeknotes – S06E20 – Benefits of Flexibility


After my recent weeks of major productivity, things went slightly awry this week – but only because the entire point of my new freelance existence is so I can be flexible about my work and writing time, so it’s all good.



I went to the cafe and did a fair amount of paid editing – new developmental editing of a YA novel opening, Vegas thriller and prison autobiography.

But I wasn’t really feeling it, so I left my own projects alone for the day, because I didn’t want to half-arse them, and went home early.



I was up early today, so managed to get to my desk and start work by 7:15am.

I completed the feedback report on the YA novel opening and sent it back to the author to review and approve.

Then I completed editing the penultimate section of the Vegas thriller and also sent it back to the author.

I moved on to editing the next few chapters of the prison autobiography, marvelling at how varied and interesting my job is!

After lunch, I logged onto the Revision Club call, in case anyone else was going to be around, and wrote a blog post about sustaining productivity.

Then, it was back to Legacy, after wimping out yesterday!

A previous client came to me with some more work, so I edited that and sent it back to him.



My one remaining regular blog client sent an article through in the morning, so I edited it before lunch.

I also did a paid sample edit for a potential new client, who seemed pleased with the result.

I wrote a review of the book I finished the day before.



I wasn’t planning to do anything constructive at all today, but I did manage to write a couple of reviews, of a musical I went to see the night before and an audiobook I finished during the afternoon.



I wrote a review of a very interesting card game we played the night before.



I had some more thoughts about the nonfiction project, so I wrote some more notes.

We also went to the cinema so I wrote a review.



Today was the day Dave and I had set aside to work on the new novel idea I came up with a few weeks ago. Dave normally reads my work after I’ve completed a first draft, and asks lots of awkward questions I don’t know the answer to, which is always enraging and then ultimately very useful. So, this time, we wondered what would happen if he came with his questions at a much earlier stage and actually helped me brainstorm, worldbuild and do the initial outlining. We set some ground rules (I promised to be open to all his questions and ideas without getting defensive or dismissive, and he promised not to be too disappointed if I didn’t use all his ideas in the eventual book). I decided it was either going to be the best and most collaborative process ever, or a short, sharp end to our marriage…

And then we went on an impromptu geocaching expedition that led to an extended and delicious steakhouse dinner – and we didn’t have time to discuss the new novel idea after all!


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