Weeknotes – S02E09


Still getting back into the swing of things after the holiday, but deadlines are looming…


I booked my tickets for Winchester Writers’ Festival, including all my workshops and my one-to-one appointments with four different literary agents. This gives me until 24 May to get the opening of Artisan ready for submission, and ideally until 15 June to get the rest of the manuscript into shape, for the unlikely event of anyone asking to read the rest. Nothing like a hard deadline to focus the mind!


I had an idea for how to deepen one of the characters in Artisan, so I wrote some notes to add to my revision list.

I was supposed to have a writing date with Hannah, but we cancelled due to snow.


I got confirmation that my story, Safeguarding the Future, has been accepted for the Schreyer Ink Slave to the Axe Song anthology, which is very exciting.


I added all the latest submission opportunities and competitions from Writing Magazine to my rolling spreadsheet, and put together a plan for my writing date on Monday, where I’ll hopefully get back into the swing of things properly.


A conversation between two characters for my Space Swap fanfic came to me as I was waking up, so I quickly jotted them down. I’m not sure where it’s going, but at least it’s a start.

I helped Bear write his post about the JoCo Cruise.


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