Weeknotes – S05E34 – Work and Holiday


Getting excited about my new novel, and also working on a lot of interesting paid editing projects.



I reviewed the film we went to see the night before and also approved edits on a short story of mine that’s in an upcoming anthology.

Later, I had some more thoughts about Machine, so I added to my initial notes.

One of my current editing clients asked for a quick Zoom call to discuss the project, so I chatted to him about the story he is writing and agreed a proposed timeframe for completing the edits.



I started my work day with this month’s GYWO discussion post.

Then I got stuck in to the new paid editing project I started on Sunday, and reached the halfway point.

For the ‘genius’ flash fiction competition, I realised I already had a piece that would fit, so I revised it to match the required word count and submitted it.

I picked up a new, short Upwork project, editing a synopsis, and sent it back to the author, offering further assistance with the full manuscript, if required.

I also did some prep for a potential client meeting set up for later in the day.

Later, I had a brainwave about Machine during my meditation class, so wrote some more hasty notes after it finished.



I had an early start and completed a short editing job on Upwork that came up overnight.

I also reviewed books 2-9 in the Jill series, after reading them all in a week.

Then I set out to my now regular cafe for a proper writing and editing session.

I picked up another new client and completed my first editing project for him, which was a collection of modern fairytales for young children.

I reviewed and made comments on a short story for one of the TL;DR writers, completed a longer paid editing project, and also marked the last of the non-fiction entries for the Ink & Insights competition.

Then I did a bit more brainstorming for the Machine outline.

Much later, a short story draft came through from a client and I did a first pass, completing detailed edits on the first four pages and putting in comments throughout on the plot development, before sending it back for his review.

And then I took the whole of the rest of the week off and went on holiday for five days!!



While on holiday, I played an interesting two-player game with my brother, so I wrote a review.


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