Weeknotes – S05E32 – New Fiction Completed!


Lots more variety and plenty to do on the paid editing front. I also completed, got feedback on, revised and submitted my first new short story in a while! Plus, I did a tone of marketing for my upcoming second novel. So, a good, balanced week!



I got some more editing work from a client I picked up last week (betting site review service), so I completed that first.

Then I had a meeting with a prospective client about a non-fiction project that would stretch out over several months. I reviewed the sample documents they sent across and we agreed a fee for the project.

I completed the next section of the travel memoir and the next two essays from the Chinese education group.

After lunch, I edited a beautiful short story about wizards and magic flowers and finding your path in the world.

Then I did the first task for a new client, editing a tourism-related article for her website.



I decided today should focus primarily on my own writing projects, with some paid editing tasks woven into the schedule where required.

I started out with a review of the audiobook I finished the day before.

Then I edited another urgent article from the betting site client.

Next was my two essays for the Chinese education group.

And then it was back to the Writing Magazine Fantasy competition entry, to complete the first draft. I managed that, and posted it on the TL;DR Slack, asking for feedback.

Then I carried on with the blog post I’d been trying to get round to writing for weeks, but it still felt like pulling teeth, for some reason. But I got it done and posted in the end.

After lunch, I started on some marketing for Spectrum, now that the launch date has been confirmed as 6 September! I completed an application for the Genesis Blog Tour and submitted it.

A small task came in from a previous client so I completed that for them.

My friend, Hannah, sent me the first chapter of her new work-in-progress, so I gave that a read and provided some initial comments, which was fun.

Next on the list was the next section of the romantic suspense novel – I had to do a quick run through of the first seven chapters again, to remind myself of what had happened so far, but then it was a fun and easy task to edit the next seven.

Later, I had a call with a new prospective client, about his non-fiction book project, which sounded really great. It was a good conversation, so I’d love to be selected for it.



Today, I started with a sample edit for a prospective client, then completed some more paperwork for the Genesis Blog Tour for Spectrum.

Next was the last little bit of the travel memoir, and then a call with another prospective client, who wanted me to edit a short story he was writing for an MA application.

I did some more Spectrum marketing, liaising with the Genesis blog people about the upcoming tour..

After lunch, I corresponded some more with the travel memoir author, answering some final queries and running the whole manuscript through Grammarly to catch a few last errors that had crept in during the multiple rounds of revisions.

I got my two daily essays through from the Chinese education group, so I provided feedback on those. I also completed another document for the Italian tourism website.

Then I did the next set of scoring for the Ink & Insights competition.

Last on my list was editing the most recent episode of the podcast, so I made a start on that and got about half way through.



Today was meant to be a day to focus on my own projects. But I started out with a few more queries on the travel memoir, then a review of a short e-book for my marketing client.

The author of the travel memoir asked me to write the blurb for the back of the book, so I did that, and we negotiated additional fees to cover that and the extra editing work involved in the main part of the project.

Then I went back to editing the podcast and finished the most recent episode.

After a lengthy lunch break, I gave feedback on today’s pair of essays from the Chinese education group, then did some more Spectrum marketing, getting the word out about the release date and contacting various people who helped me out with Defiant Spark in various ways.

Next came a developmental review of a novel outline in the M/M contemporary romance genre, which was a new type of editing work for me. To begin with, I wasn’t sure I’d have any comments to make, but I ended up providing quite a few, and it was a really fun exercise.

I started work on prepping for the next podcast episode. And, quite late in the day, I had a preparatory call with one of the people from the Genesis Blog Tour, about my upcoming guest appearance on their podcast.



I had an early start but spent the first two hours of my day completing a knitting project. As it had been a long week, with four days in a row of extensive work, I decided to look at my schedule to see what I could push later into the week. I managed to rearrange most of my projects, leaving only two or three to work on today.

I started with my daily pair of essays from the Chinese education group, then did a bit more marketing on Spectrum.

After that, I went back to the source material for the next podcast episode and finished reviewing that and making my notes, ready to record on Sunday.



I was really excited to get out and back to my favourite cafe to work today (after being pinged last week and spending the whole week on house arrest). I was up and out and at the cafe shortly after it opened at 8am, with an extensive list of both paid and personal projects to work on.

I started with the first section of a non-fiction book project I’m working on with some new clients, about avoiding damaging mindsets and realising your potential. It was a really enjoyable task and I felt I provided good value in terms of the editing I did. But I had some concerns about how much of a time commitment the project was going to turn out to be, so I contacted the client to raise this as a potential issue regarding the agreed fee.

I moved in completely the opposite direction for my next task – editing a science-fiction story by a client who is using his fiction to help sell the space-marine-anime-style miniatures he makes.

Then I went back to my fantasy story, amended it based on feedback from some of the TL;DR writers and submitted it to the Writing Magazine competition.

Next was another new project – a novella-length historical drama, which required a lot of editing but had a high fee to reflect that.

After that, I went back to editing the romantic suspense novel for a bit, and completed the next section of that.

I had planned to start revising one of my short stories, ready for submission to a specific call, but it had been a long day and I didn’t feel up to it, so I rejigged my schedule and shifted it to another day.


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