Weeknotes – S02E05


Two abortive writing sessions this week, and then a complete break from writing altogether. So, apparently, writing every day lasted about a month!



I did today’s Detox prompt.



I wrote a couple of reviews at lunchtime and did today’s Detox prompt.

My intended after-work cafe was full and, by the time I eventually installed myself at Patisserie Valerie at King’s Cross, my sugar was low, my concentration shot, and my brain refusing to focus.

Still, I brainstormed Shards, Artisan and Colours, and came up with some good ideas of how to progress with all of them. But I didn’t do any actual writing.



I did the daily word at www.oneword.com



I did today’s Detox prompt, which was the final one, so I looked up some other writing prompt sources and added a reminder to my calendar to do one every day, as I’m hoping to keep up my new habit of at least writing something very small and minor every day.

I caught up on some reviews.

After work, I fetched up in The Espresso Room on Southampton Row for a brief session. I started out launching into Part Two of Colours, which took an interesting, and possibly problematic turn, but that was where the story wanted to go, so I let it.

Then I suffered a complete brain fail, partially brought on by uncertain arrangements for the rest of the evening, and decided to head home early. So, I certainly didn’t achieve everything I wanted to do, but I at least managed some stuff, and had a clear plan for the next day.



I entered this month’s Visual Verse competition, and then I took the rest of the weekend off to properly enjoy the luxury of a reading retreat. I’m hoping a few days off will refresh my brain and enable me to pick up the writing reins productively again next week.


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