Weeknotes – S05E07 – Launch Date Approaching!


Exciting times with the upcoming official launch date of my debut novel, and a new website in the works. So, more marketing and admin this week than actual writing, but it’s all progress!


Today was my eighth day in a row working on writing projects – so of course a voice in my head popped up and said, “Hey, your current streak started on 1 February, so why don’t you write every day in February, just to get ahead?”

I stomped on it very hard because I know from experience – no matter how enthused I am, ten days in a row leads to rage and burn-out! So, instead I made a resolution to take Tuesday and Wednesday completely off from writing this week and come back to it on Thursday, when I had a five-day weekend to look forward to.

Getting back to today, I made use of double focusing power by having an online writing date with Ann to keep me at my desk a full three hours, and also posted my goals on Charlie’s URW online retreat session, to keep me on track with what I wanted to do.

And what I achieved was:

Finished the latest draft of Colours and sent it off to my faithful proofreaders

Reviewed a game I played for the first time the day before

Wrote a 50-word response to a photo prompt and entered it in a competition

Did the next section of outlining for Safeguarding

Completed some more submissions

Did some more plot development for the dragon short story

So that was quite a lot!


I was going to have today completely off from writing, but I forgot I’d set up a new regular online writing date with Hannah, starting today! It was great to catch up and exchange news about our various writing projects.

Also, the day before, my publisher contacted me about an interview for The Defiant Spark, so I needed to read through the questions and prepare my answers.

I also had edits for Colours from one of my proofreaders, so I did those.

Lastly, I put together a list of short pieces to compile into a collection for a submission opportunity, and decided what order they should go in.


I took part in the interview with my publisher about The Defiant Spark, which was really fun.

Then I went through the latest Colours edits from my proofreaders and amended the manuscript accordingly.

Later, I did some more submissions.


Day off from work – hurrah! I had a focus session with Ann, so I spent the first half looking at edits to the new version of my writing website. Then I did some more submissions.

Later, I recorded myself reading part of the first chapter of The Defiant Spark and sent it to my publisher for their social media channels.

I also did some more Colours edits.


I did a ton more work on the new website and also planned some future submissions.

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