Weeknotes – SO4E14 – All Engines Go!


A very good week for writing this week. Progress on all fronts, a good plan for upcoming submissions and some fun challenges over the weekend. Very happy.



I wrote a review of a book I finished over the weekend.

Before I went to bed, I set my subconscious crew the task of coming up with an idea for the TL:DR flash fiction competition overnight.



The subconscious crew outdid themselves, laying out an entire story for my flash prompt while I was in the shower. So, after lunch, I sat down and wrote a first draft.

I exchanged stories with other TL;DR members later in the day and gave them feedback on their entries, receiving their comments in return.



I edited and submitted my TL;DR competition entry.

I helped Bear with his next Center Parcs blog post.

I resurrected some very old fanfiction, spruced it up a bit and then posted it.

After a lovely long walk in the early afternoon, I sat down with the intention to at least make some progress on my new short story (working title: Royal Election) and also Colours. I started with Royal Election and got the next scene done. Then I moved onto Colours and added some text to the first scene in the next edits column.



I wrote a short piece based on a freewriting prompt.

Later, I went through the new edition of Writing Magazine and added upcoming submission opportunities to my rolling spreadsheet.



I recklessly signed up for the special apocalypse edition of Novel-in-a-Day and received my brief overnight, with a deadline of 8pm to submit my chapter.


This project progressed like pretty much every other single writing project ever:

Enjoy prep (in this case reading all the briefing materials)

Panic for hours/days/weeks that I can’t do it (in this case, luckily only 90 minutes)

Finally get my arse in a chair, open up a new document and start typing

And then the words just flow…


Why is actually starting always the hardest thing?

Anyway, I sent my chapter off by noon and was very pleased with it overall.



I wrote an entry for this month’s AWC Furious Fiction and submitted it.


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