Weeknotes – S04E02 – Enthused About Novels


And so work begins in earnest on getting Artisan ready for publication and Colours ready for submission. In good news, I’m really enjoying rereading both of them!



I went through the whole Artisan manuscript, doing ‘find and replace’ on various things the publisher wants me to change. Perhaps dangerous, but I am going to do a close read over the next few weeks to double-check everything is as it should.



I met Hannah after work, making good on our vow to start 2020 with a better work ethic. I proofread the first two chapters of Artisan, then knocked a couple more Colours edits off my master list. I restructured and consolidated my Colours editing plan, to hopefully make it less scary.



I did my first batch of submissions for the year. Still tedious, but has to be done!

I posted Beneath the Tree on the TL;DR Slack, to ask the members for feedback.

Then I settled down to the next two chapters of Artisan, another Colours edit column and some notes for a potential new short story.


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