Weeknotes – S03E19 – Back to the Short Form


I can just about claim another 7-day writing streak this week. I’m also pleased with my completion/submissions rate and feeling enthusiastic about some short story ideas in development.



Just doing bits of writing at home today. I cut down a travel writing article to fit a competition and submitted it.



I did the next two scenes of Colours and also reviewed Avengers: Endgame.



I received edits on a story that’s going to be published in a magazine soon, so I went through them and sent back the final version. I also edited Artisan Chapter Twenty-One.

Then I started a new fanfiction in response to Avengers: Endgame.



My fanfic woke me up in the middle of the night to let me know how it ought to end, so I got up to write the rest of it before I forgot.



I edited and posted my Avengers fic.

On the train up to Chester, I consolidated my potential submissions list and had a think about what might and might not be possible, so as to clarify what I should be working on.

I wrote a 100-word story for an anthology submission and amended an old piece of flash fiction to fit an upcoming competition.

After spending most of the afternoon either reading or asleep, I had a sudden burst of enthusiasm in the early evening and went back to writing projects.

I wrote two more drabbles, experiencing tremendous satisfaction when the second one turned out to be exactly 100 words on the first attempt. Then I generated potential ideas for another submission opportunity and made some notes for my next GYWO Yahtzee entry.



I wrote two more 100-word stories to complete a set of five for submission.



I formatted and submitted the five drabbles I wrote over the weekend.


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