Weeknotes – S03E18 – Many and Varied Progressions



I wrote every day this week and worked on projects in all five of my tracked categories – novels, fanfiction, competitions, non-fiction and blogging. A well-rounded and productive week.




With a theatre trip planned later in the day, I took myself off to Picturehouse Central for a whole day of working on writing projects.


I started with a review of the burlesque show I went to on Saturday, followed by a blog post about my current struggles with working on two novels at once.


My main task for the day, though, was to go through the first 35 scenes of Colours and try to expand some of the shorter ones so they added up to around 20,000 words for my first month’s output on the Six Month Novel Programme. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I added about 1000 words, rather than the planned 4,500, but I decided not to worry about it, as there’s very little point in putting in words just for the sake of it, when they’ll probably have to be taken out again in editing.




I finished off April with a review of the previous night’s theatre trip.




I finished an audiobook so wrote a review of it.




I took a welcome trip to Good & Proper for a writing session in the morning. I decided to ignore both novels for the day and work on other stuff.


I started off with a Fic Promptly entry to keep up with my plan to write something for every post. Then I wrote my Fandom Weekly entry for the week and also posted that.


Then I went to my GYWO Yahtzee prompts and completed a set of linked entries to claim a Large Straight.




I posted my GYWO Yahtzee entry and also wrote a review of the latest book I finished.




I added submission opportunities to my rolling spreadsheet from this month’s Writing Magazine, then actually did some submissions. I also did the next five scenes of Colours.




Off to Brighton for the fringe! I was booked to see three shows, and wrote my first review over lunch, completing the other two on the train home.


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