Weeknotes – S08E17 – Three Months Ahead


I’m in the unprecedented situation of having paid editing work booked in till the end of July (I’m usually only working on a fortnightly cycle of panic), which is nice! Still making progress on the novel and trying not to let podcast stuff take over everything else.



It was back to editing the action/adventure novel today!

Then, after lunch, I revised another scene of my fifth novel, A Darkness Divided, and also wrote a first draft of my TL;DR Press 1000-word competition entry, which ended up being a lot of fun. I posted it to the TL;DR Slack for feedback.

I did some more of the book marketing course I started last week and also listened to more of Illuminae and wrote notes for an upcoming Reviews Revisited podcast episode.

Later, I did some submissions.



I wrote quite a few more notes for the Illuminae podcast episode, though it’s clear it’s not going to be nearly as long as The Secret History one, which is probably a good thing!

Then it was back to editing the action/adventure novel, which I finished today and sent back to the author for review and approval.

I planned to have the rest of the week off from paid editing work, but am looking forward to starting some new projects on Monday.

Revision Club was great, as ever. I revised three more Darkness scenes, did a few more submissions and wrote a ton more notes on Illuminae for the podcast.

Later, I actually finished listening to Illuminae and making my notes from the revisit.



I had a call with a prospective client for a really interesting project – correcting and editing text and dialogue for a huge text-based fantasy RPG – which I won!



I wrote a review of Spellbook, a board game Dave and I played in Thirsty Meeples in Oxford the day before.

I also spent quite a bit of time arranging my work schedule for the next couple of months because I suddenly have quite a few new big projects coming through. It looks like I’ve got enough work booked in to last me to the end of July which is awesome! But I’m a bit worried about fitting everything in and potentially getting overwhelmed.

Later, I completed my script for the Illuminae episode of the Reviews Revisited podcast series.



I did a sample edit for a potential client.

I revised and submitted my TL;DR 1kwhc entry, which was fun.

I also started reading Piranesi for my solo podcast series and wrote a ton of notes.

Thanks to Love Book Tours, Stanley’s book got a lot of lovely reviews on Instagram this week, which was wonderful. All he’s ever wanted is to spread joy and confidence among humans – so hearing that the book has helped people with their mental health and self-worth was amazing.



The long and complicated instructions for my latest paid editing project came through – making all the text for a text-based choose your own adventure game sound natural and suitable for the fantasy theme – and it was a lot!

I chatted with the client team about it and took a first stab at the video transcripts, just to check I was using the right approach. It’s going to be a *lot* of work over the next few weeks, but I’m excited!

I also posted the next Reviews Revisited podcast episode and put the transcript on my blog.



I had the whole day ahead of me to work on whatever I wanted, which was awesome!

I started out by doing some prep for the Editors Learn Together Unconference, which starts tomorrow.

Then I helped Bear with a post about our lovely trip to Oxford last week.

I did some Darkness edits, read and made notes on more of Piranesi and even voluntarily did some more work on the huge RPG client editing project.

I also had a long chat with an aspiring writer friend about my writing and project management processes, which was fun.

Later, I finished listening to the audiobook of the latest Mercedes Lackey book – Valdemar – and wrote my review.

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