Weeknotes – S02E35 – NAWG-Fest!


NAWG-Fest was over in a flash but well worth attending. Great workshops, opportunities to catch up with good friends, and generally a good time all round.



I wrote a brief review of a film.



Despite an annoying cold, I went to meet Hannah after work and finished the Great Artisan Comma Deletion!



I prepared the new comma-light Artisan manuscript and sent it off to the publisher – eek!



Off to NAWG-Fest for the weekend!

On the train, I wrote a new piece for the first Etre prompt, then visited the site to read some recent entries in an attempt to familiarise myself with what they actually like.



Workshops with Ken Macleod.

I submitted a 100-word story to the mini-tale competition.

I also caught up with awesome writer friends and performed in a special edition of Eastpointers



More workshops with Ken Macleod, in which I developed an idea for a story, which he thinks might make a good novel. I’m going to try it as a short story first, as that will be much less complicated.


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