Weeknotes – S02E32 – Exciting Times!


Lots of exciting stuff going on and deadlines to meet, but also plenty to time to work on projects.



I went to a fun No Grammar Required session and did lots of interesting freewriting.

I also got an email from an independent publisher with lots of very positive feedback on Artisan, asking to see the whole manuscript, which is very exciting.



I got a second reasonably positive rejection from a magazine, so I sent them a third story for their consideration.

I also went through the feedback on Artisan from the independent publisher, and made some notes on what I need to do in the next edit.

I finished off with a review.



I went to meet Hannah in a cafe after work and launched into the new Artisan edit. I completed the first chapter and t went better than I had expected. It was fun to revisit the story, and not too taxing deciding where to implement the publisher’s feedback.

Then I went through the shortest of the stories I wrote on retreat last week and tweaked it to as perfect as I could make it, ready for submission.

Next was the middle-length story from last week, which received ten critiques on Scribophile. So I went through them all one by one, considering the comments and making changes to the story accordingly.



I gave the middle-length story a final read-through and declared it ready for submission.



I started reading an article Dave sent me and made some notes for a possible blog post about it.



I finished reading the article and writing notes on it.


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