Weeknotes – S07E21 – Solid Entry


I would say this week was a solid entry on the productivity, creativity and income-earning fronts.



Up early but lots of faff, so didn’t settle down to work/writing until 9am, with a fairly extensive list to get through.

I started, as planned, with the next Darkness scene, then alternated my two remaining client editing projects – the prison officer memoir and the meta novel.

I also did some more of the mindset course and helped Bear with a post about our trip to Forty Hall yesterday.



The subconscious crew were obviously working overtime during the night – though actually waited until after 7:30am to offer up their new ideas, which made a nice change!

I added some notes to the Darkness outline and also wrote a blurb paragraph for the client yoga novel.

After breakfast, I tried to revitalise my work ethic by sitting at my desk for the day, rather than on the sofa. This worked very well, so I vowed to switch back to this way of working from now on.

I started, as usual, with the next Darkness scene – even though I still really didn’t want to do it!

I then switched back and forth between the prison officer memoir and the meta novel again, plus some more of the mindset course.



I did some more of the mindset course – the letting go exercise, which proved unexpectedly powerful and also quite amusing.

I also wrote a review of an awesome audiobook I finished the night before.



I wrote a review of a comic I finished reading the night before.



I ran into the owner of my favourite writing cafe in Tesco on Wednesday and she lamented not seeing me for ages. I had been meaning to get back into going to the cafe one day a week, but this cemented my intention and I set out early to secure the best table shortly after 8am.

The subconscious crew offered up morsels for both the team competition and the novel around 7am (it was a bit like duelling banjos in my head!) so I worked on both of those first.

Then I finished editing the prison officer memoir and sent it back to the publisher.

Later, Dave added another paragraph to the team story so I wrote my next one too.

I also wrote a couple of brief reviews for two audiobooks I DNF’d for opposite reasons and did a couple of submissions.



I finished a graphic novel and wrote my review.

I also went through the team competition story so far and tidied it up a bit.

Later, I did a bit more of the mindset course.

As per my usual freelancing cycle, I started panic-pitching on Monday because all my paid projects were due to finish on Friday. By Thursday, I assumed I would never get another job again (also part of the usual cycle) and my freelancing career was over. And today, I have enough work to last the week, with several other projects in the potential pipeline and more than a third of my target income booked to come in during June (which is also part of the usual cycle). So, overall, it’s going great! I just wish I could cut out the doomladen anxiety of the middle bit!

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