Weeknotes – S07E03 – Attitude Shift


Not much concrete progress this week, but that was deliberate. What was unexpected was a major shift in my attitude towards starting novel number five, which was awesome!



I did a sample edit for a prospective client.

I also finished the new Christmas ghost story I started last week, and submitted it to the competition I’d written it for.

Then I did some research for writing a particular characteristic for one of my Darkness protagonists – me, doing research!

I also realised I hadn’t finished transferring my Darkness outline onto World Anvil, so I did that – and came up with some new stuff along the way.

I finished an excellent graphic novel and wrote my review.



I did a couple of submissions.

I also finished my current book and wrote my review, so I was ready to start a new book on the journey to the reading retreat in Thorpeness.



I finished my first reading retreat book, so I wrote my review.



I finished two more books on retreat, so I wrote my reviews.

I also had a chat with my editor friend, who co-runs the reading retreats and had an epiphany about my approach to the first draft of Darkness, which left me feeling a lot more positive about starting it next week.



I wrote the review for my fourth reading retreat book, which I’d finished on the train home the day before.


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