Weeknotes – S06E52 – The End of 2022


Mostly reviews this week, but I also had new thoughts about current writing projects, which is encouraging for launching into 2023 with a plan to make lots of progress.



We played two new games over Christmas, so I wrote my reviews.



I got an offer on Upwork for a very (very) short and therefore well-paying job, helping a writer make one line of text grammatically correct and better in terms of flow – so I did that.

I also wrote a blog post, doing a review of my writing/editing progress over the whole of 2022.

Later, I had an interesting idea for developing characters further in Darkness, so I figured why wait for January to get going again, and did some new work on the outline.



On the way to our usual New Year extravaganza, I had some new ideas for a short story that had been on my list for a long time, so I made some notes.



I had some more ideas for the short story, so I added them to my notes.


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