Weeknotes – S06E51 – All Goals Achieved


Great Christmas week – all client work completed plus all targets for personal projects achieved. I’ve set myself up for a great start to 2023!



My only remaining client editing project for the year was the reflective novella, so I did comments for a chunk of that this morning.

I also edited the most recent episode of the podcast, so I could tick that off for the year.



Last pre-Christmas push – I finished my only remaining client project and sent it back for approval.

I also wrote a blog post about motivation and then actually collated a decent chunk of Darkness notes. I also did some more submissions of short pieces.

Later, I got confirmation I’ve been awarded a place on the One Story 2023 Writing Circle, which is really going to help with my plans to amp up my creative output in the new year.



With nothing left to get in the way, I finished collating my Darkness notes onto World Anvil, thus completely clearing the decks of all client/editing/revising/outlining/writing goals and obligations until the New Year!



We played a new game the night before, so I wrote my review.

Later, we went out to a production of Bugsy Malone at Alexandra Palace, so I wrote a review of that as well.



Having received multiple enticing books for Christmas, I sped through the last couple of hundred pages of The Burning Chambers and wrote my review.


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