Weeknotes – S06E48 – People are Paying Me Again!


Panic over as lots of paid work came in, but my own writing suffered as a result (not that I was really working on it anyway…).



I won a paid editing project from a new client, and two previous clients also popped up with new work, so I was feeling a bit better about my employment status this morning.

I did the two shorter projects – a sci-fi story and a linguistics essay – and sent them back for approval.

I also reviewed and amended a synopsis for a writer friend and added a couple of additional notes to my Darkness outline.



I did a sample edit for a potential new client, and started work on the larger project I won earlier in the week – developmental feedback on a reflective novella.



I completed developmental feedback on the novella I’d started working on the day before, and I also edited the whole of a short book for kids about taking responsibility.



I corresponded with several recent and potential new editing clients, providing extra feedback based on queries, or information about upcoming project arrangements.

Quite late in the day, I read and commented on a short story for one of the TL;DR writers.



One of the paid editing projects that got delayed last week came through overnight, so I took a look today. It was initial developmental feedback on an outline (with a view to gaining a longer-term contract for the full novel once written) so it didn’t take too long, but I was thorough because I wanted to do a really good job.

I also got some more feedback on Meditations from a late beta reader, so I reorganised my revision notes, with a view to getting back to working on that.


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