Weeknotes – S06E38 – Still No New Novel Progress


Very good work week, and technically a 7-day writing week, though no progress on the new novel, so perhaps not as industrious as I would have preferred.



Unexpected bank holiday, but not for me, as a freelancer’s work is never done!

I made more comments on the YA fantasy novel, and start the third round of edits (copy editing, this time) on the ADHD book, as the author had completed revisions from the second round of developmental edits in record time.

I also received a third book from my publisher client, who specialises in prison memoirs, and started edits on that.

A few more chapters of the Revision Club novel rounded out a wide range of projects to work on!

After lunch, I did some revisions to Meditations, based on proofreading feedback from my wonderful parents.



Back to the cafe today for an 8:30am start! I decided to try alternating paid projects with my own projects, as I was definitely falling into the trap of doing all my paid work and then giving up for the day.

I launched into my day by editing the next couple of chapters of the prison officer memoir, then wrote a blog post about struggling to get back into a ‘proper’ routine. Then it was back to the ADHD book to edit the second third.

Next on the list was the YA fantasy novel, so I made comments on the next section of that, then read and commented on a bit more of the Revision Club novel, before returning to the prison officer memoir for a bit more editing on that. I read and commented on the next few chapters of the Revision Club novel and, at that point, decided that was enough for one day!

Definitely the most productive ‘work’ day I’ve had in a while! Though I still didn’t get around to working on Darkness – one of these days…



I finished Wake of Vultures by Lila Bowen the night before, so I wrote my review.

In the evening, I attended the first session of Coach Yourself With A Pen, a new freewriting course from Claire at CP’s Day Off. As ever, it was a lot of fun and resulted in some quite profound revelations about what’s going on in my brain.



Flat to myself today! So I got to work in the living room for a change.

One of my intermittent blog clients popped up overnight with a short piece of work, so I edited that first, then went back to the prison officer memoir.

I read and commented on some more of the Revision Club novel, but still didn’t get round to working on my own…



Things were always going to be compressed today, as I had an appointment to give blood in the afternoon.

I edited two more sections of the prison officer memoir, which took an unexpected supernatural turn! I also completed editing the ADHD book for the third time, and sent it back to the author for review and approval. That turned out to be a very satisfying project, as I had the opportunity to see the book’s progression from first draft through to final version, with huge amounts of improvement along the way, at least partially guided by me! The author was apparently pleased with my contributions, because she gave me an unexpected bonus!

I also finished the Revision Club novel and sent it back to the author, hoping my comments would prove helpful in her final polishing before submissions.



I wrote a review of Bear and Breakfast, a very silly computer game I’d been playing.



I finished an audiobook (Witchmark by CL Polk) and we went to see a play (Absurd Person Singular) the day before, so I wrote my reviews.


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