Weeknotes – S05E09 – Bears Must Suffer For Their Art

Summary (this was Feb 22 to Feb 28):

Quite a range of writing activities this week, including a rather more hair-raising adventure with Bear than was anticipated.



The now regular focus session with Ann got me up and organised to write by 9am.

I started with the ‘single most important thing’, which was outlining Safeguarding, now that Colours has been submitted.

This involved actually naming all the recurring characters, which I’d been putting off, but a fantasy name generator on the internet helped a lot!

Then I got derailed by realising I had nearly finished two of my writing notebooks/notepads so obviously had to browse the internet for replacements…

I eventually tore myself away from stationery shopping and knuckled down to establish my core cast and write brief background and personality information for all of them.

Then I did some brainstorming for an upcoming flash fiction submission.

Later, I took Bear and Moomintroll to get some fresh air and had rather more of an adventure than we anticipated.



Regular focus session after work with Hannah – I completed the editing for the most recent podcast episode.



I started out with a review of the book I finished the night before.

Then I wrote a piece for Writing Magazine, about my route to publication, as they said they would do a subscriber profile feature for me.

After that, I went back to outlining Safeguarding.



I did some more outlining for Safeguarding and also wrote some notes and brainstormed a couple of upcoming submissions.



More outlining for Safeguarding – and the end was in sight. Actual drafting of actual words might be on the schedule for next week!



I started reading a book about how to write antagonists, and made some notes.


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