Weeknotes – Editing Conference!


Less achieved overall this week compared to recent times, but that’s okay. Still good progress on all fronts.



New client projects – hurrah!

I spent the morning alternating between two nonfiction books – one about volunteering and one about coaching – and the RPG text corrections.

I also edited a short piece for my blog client.

I did my intended extra hour of paid work in the morning, as part of my new increased worth ethic schedule – but then I was knackered and predictably didn’t want to do anything in the afternoon.

But I kept to my plan of prioritising revising my fifth novel, A Darkness Divided – and managed two scenes, which felt good.

I’m still ridiculously enthusiastic about my new solo podcast episodes and finished reading and commenting on Piranesi during the evening. Last time I did solo episodes, I stopped after a year because doing one per month was too time-consuming. And upon resurrecting it, I’ve done a deep dive analysis of three whole books in April alone! So, at least I’ll now have a buffer for when I want to slow down.

This week was also the Editors Learn Together Unconference, so I attended the opening session and engaged as much as I could with the Slack discussions.



I alternated paid editing projects in the morning again – volunteering, coaching and RPG.

After lunch, the Revision Club focus session prompted me to revise three Darkness scenes, though that got me to the point where a whole new narrative thread needs to be created, which is daunting.

I also edited a lengthy blog post Dave wrote the night before.

I attended a really great conference session on developmental editing and took notes for the community.

Later, I gave up on The Foxhole Court and wrote my review.



I gave up on another audiobook and wrote a (very brief) review.

I also spent several hours editing the (very much not so brief) latest podcast episode, which I wasn’t a part of recording, so that was quite fun.

Later, I hosted a session for the Editors Learn Together Unconference on where and how to find freelance editing work, which was great because it’s such a lovely community.

I also started my next Reviews Revisited podcast episode prep by writing the opening sections of the script and embarking on the audiobook of The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon.



Today, I had grand plans to spend the whole day working super hard in Central London (interrupted by lunch with one friend and followed by dinner and games with two more) – and I did spend the whole day in Central London and I thought I was working hard the whole time – but when I counted up my hours, I’d only done four, which is usually what I do in a morning…

Ah well – reached the halfway point in the volunteer book (which also prompted me to sign up for a charity knitting project!) and also edited a fair few more of the RPG files, which I’m still enjoying, even though they scramble my brain a bit and take longer than I anticipated.



Today, I decided to ‘have the day off’ from productivity!

This, of course, meant I recorded and edited a Reviews Revisited podcast episode, went out to buy stationery supplies for a reading project, finished reading a graphic novel and read an entire other graphic novel (and wrote my reviews), composed and sent out Stanley’s newsletter for the month, wrote in my journal and started listening to The Bone Season for the next Reviews Revisited podcast episode…

Later, we went to the cinema to see The Fall Guy and I wrote my review when we got home.


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