Weeknotes – S08E13 – New Project, New Obsession…


I have a new project that’s eating all my attention and energy – here’s hoping I can fold it into the schedule without overdoing it or letting anything else slide too much…



It was great to have a clean slate and be able to start some new client projects today – though one is a psychological thriller I did an extended sample edit for last week and the other is the second half of a romance novel I started editing in February, so neither were technically new. But they’re both great fun, so I very much enjoyed work this morning! I also got to do some more of the romance game dialogue, which was also fun.

I also finished a really good book in the afternoon and wrote my review.



I worked on editing the thriller and romance novel this morning.

After lunch, it was Revision Club, during which we all spent quite a long time talking about how little we’d worked on our novels (except Carla, who was Teacher’s Pet today!). After writing last Tuesday about how I thought I’d finally got into my stride with revising my fifth novel, A Darkness Divided, I didn’t touch it the rest of the week – and here we were on Tuesday again, with no progress made…

So, I knuckled down in the focus part of the session (after setting up and writing the first sections of this document and also taking time out to make tea) and cracked on with it… It went really well and I managed to revise three whole scenes, which felt pretty good!



This morning, I ran through all my revision notes, screwed my courage to the sticking place as firmly as I could – and took the plunge by attempting the dreaded CIEP editorial test

It was really stressful (the clock ticking down at the top of the screen didn’t help) and pretty difficult (there were a couple of questions I didn’t even understand!), but I got through it.

I was convinced I’d done really badly – and it turned out I passed on the first try with 79% (the pass mark was 75%). So that’s something I never have to do again!

Later, I worked on prep for my series of resurrected podcast mini-episodes and also edited a lengthy blog post for Dave.



Today, I got to edit a short story for an editor friend who is part of one of my business mastermind groups. I love doing editing work for other editors – for some reason, it feels very satisfying. I think it’s because they’re used to the pitfalls and potential issues of providing feedback, so they’re often much more willing to receive it in the right way. It’s also greater validation when they say I’ve done a good job – because have more experience of what that looks like! Anyway, great story, fun project, hope to get more from her.

I also continued editing both the thriller and the romance novel – and got some lovely feedback from the thriller author about how useful he’s finding my work, which was nice!

After lunch, despite low motivation, my focus buddies helped me complete all the submissions that had 31 March deadlines. I also revised a bit more of Darkness.



I recorded and edited Stanley’s Instagram videos for April and also wrote a review of the film we went to see the night before.

Later, I did a ton more prep for my resurrected solo podcast episodes and wrote most of the script for the first one.



I recorded, edited, uploaded and posted about the first episode in my Resurrected Reviews Revisited part of the podcast.

I also attended an online book club and then wrote a lengthy review of the book in question.



It was pointed out to me that I had uploaded the unedited version of the introductory RRR podcast episode – gah! So, I had to pull it and replace it (though apparently nine people had already listened to the wrong one!) – oh well!


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