Weeknotes – S08E12 – Unexpected seven-day writing week!


It really doesn’t feel as if I’ve achieved much at all this week – but apparently it’s technically been a seven-day writing week! So, I must have done some stuff… I’ve also got a lot of really great paid editing work on this schedule, which is very nice.



Back to work today, at my desk like a good little worker bee.

I made good progress on the BDSM guide (though I have to admit it’s not my favourite editing project I’ve ever had…) and the second part of the mindset book.

Sam kept me focused and made me promise to work on my fifth novel, A Darkness Divided, later in the day. So, after lunch, I went through the opening and made some tweaks I’d thought of over the weekend, including some additions to one of the introductory scenes. I also added some more notes to the outline, to remind me of a new aspect I want to add in later on. It wasn’t a lot, but it was something, and that was enough.

I had a lot of admin to do around some new and prospective paid editing projects, so I worked through my email and did what I could to sort it out.

I also wrote reviews of two really bad films we watched recently.

Later, I had an online chat with one of the editors I met at the Women in Publishing Summit.



I had a full docket of paid editing work this morning – a sample for a potential new client, more work on the BDSM guide and finishing the second part of the mindset book.

After lunch, Revision Club was in session and we had a great catch-up about how all our novel projects were going. In the second half, I made revisions to two whole Darkness scenes and finally felt as if I was finding my stride with the rewrite (though I then didn’t work on it at all for the rest of the week…).

Later, I prepped for the next podcast episode and missed half of my business mastermind group meeting because I forgot the US had gone forward an hour three weeks ahead of the UK… Still, I made it for the second half, at least.



It was my day off – but I secured a big editing project from a new client, while three other previous clients came back to me with new work, so that was awesome!

I also wrote a review of a book I finished.



Back to work with more of the BDSM guide, more romance game dialogue and embarking properly on a copy edit of the thriller I did a sample edit for earlier in the week.

In the afternoon, my focus buddies endorsed my plan to crack on further with the BDSM guide (rather than working on my novel) so I could fit in the rest of it by the end of the week.


I spent all morning finishing the edits on the BDSM guide, so I could send it back to the client and get paid before the weekend. So, that was another big project done!

I also finally went through all my notes from recent webinars, mentoring sessions and discussion with other editors, and made some changes to my website, as well as adding stuff to my marketing and business development activity lists.

Later, I wrote a plan for resurrecting my solo mini podcast episodes, rereading and rewatching things I’ve reviewed since 2005 and comparing my reactions.



I started writing the script for my first Resurrected Reviews Revisited podcast episode, for which I chose The Secret History by Donna Tartt.



While I was reading my current book, I had an idea for a possible short story (it’s not a novel, definitely not a novel…), so I wrote some notes for it.


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