Life Plus 2M

My story, The Sentencing, is part of an anthology that’s been put together by David Zetland for the Life Plus 2M project.  The project has entries from storytellers, imagining what effect an increase in global water levels would have, and also thought pieces from scientists and environmentalists, predicting the same thing. You can order the […]

Safeguarding the Future

My story, Safeguarding the Future, is part of the Oct-Dec 2016 issue of The Lorelei Signal.  The wonderful piece of art produced for it is by Marge Simon. You can read it here – and, if you like it, you can show your appreciation by donating to the magazine using the Donate button at the […]

The End of All Things

I wait.  Formless yet conscious, just beyond the edge of reality.  I know I have a role to fulfil.  The passage of time has no meaning for me yet, but my time will come.  Nothing can remain static forever.  All things change and, when the change comes, I will be ready. There is a shift […]

From the Cold

I knew when the letter came that it was all over for me. I answered the door to a blank-faced man in an immaculate uniform.  He said my name, his voice toneless.  When I nodded, he handed me an envelope, then turned on his heel and walked away.   His appearance and manner told me […]

Who Are You?

Bubbles rising. Air, the stuff of life, escaping to the surface. I remain below, searching the depths for an answer. The water is murky, which feels appropriate, given my state of mind.  The currents swirl like my thoughts, threatening to spin me around and distract me from my purpose. But I know the wreck is […]