Weeknotes - S04E23 - Contract Signed!


More planning and brainstorming and revising this week than actual new words, but a couple of stories completed, lots of submissions done. Oh, and I signed the contract with my publisher for my first novel. So, that happened...



I logged my goals on the UWR online retreat page, then finalised both Missing Out and Secret Admirer, after some excellent additional feedback from Dave.

Then I submitted both of them, along with a few other stories for calls that opened today.



I wrote a book review.



I did some more submissions and enough Scribophile critiques to get my points up over five again, so I could post a new story if I wanted.

Later, I signed the contract with my publisher for Artisan!!!

I also assigned a story idea to the subconscious crew, asking them to come up with a way to move forwards with it on Saturday morning.



I wrote a book review and added some more submission opportunities to my rolling spreadsheet from this month’s Writing Magazine.



The subconscious crew outdid themselves, coming up with a ton of really interesting ideas for my horror story, and completely changing it from its previous version. I wrote some notes to plan it out.

I also went through all my upcoming submission plans and worked out either ideas for new stories or ideas for how to adapt old stories to fit.



I planned out some more submissions and also set my goals for tomorrow’s online retreat.

I also made some notes for my WIP Big Bang story, and wrote the first few words of the new opening to my horror story, now renamed Suffering in Silence.


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