I'm a couch potato who runs.


I'm an introvert who craves adulation.


I'm a control freak who doesn't like being in charge.


I care more about what people think of me than I would like to admit, but I have blue hair anyway.


I'm a writer.


My ‘real’ job is as a University Complaints Officer, which isn’t nearly as stressful as it sounds, since I don’t have to actually investigate the complaints.  I just move all the information around and make sure things get done on time - and who doesn’t love a giant records spreadsheet?


I've written stories for as long as I can remember, though, and there are always one or two rattling around in my head.  I usually produce quite short works, but I’ve also demonstrated to myself I can actually write a novel-length piece of fiction that (mostly) hangs together, which feels like quite an achievement.


I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive of my writing, but who responds to things in a completely different way to me.  This turns out to be exceedingly useful, since he will always come up with questions about my writing that I haven’t considered.  Answering those questions invariably improves what I’ve written - after I’ve managed to get past my initial reaction of: “how on earth could you possibly think that?”


When I’m not working or writing, I draw, I knit, I run (mostly from zombies), I walk, I bake, I post photo stories of my teddy bear’s adventures, I read, I go to the cinema, I write reviews of all the types of entertainment I consume.


Needless to say, my teddy bear is much more popular online than I am.


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